First Date

My role in this production was to produce marketing materials for print and online. I also worked as a designer for the projections in the show. This involved creating a hundred or more illustrations that flashed on the screen above the actors at strategic points in the story.

I took inspiration from the way this musical combines a modern realistic interaction between two characters and the wacky imagination and spectacle of a standard musical.

The poster design was kept minimal and clean, keeping in line with the other design elements of the production while we are in Aaron and Casey's "reality" world. The poster also introduces a few of the bold colors we say later in the ticket design and projections. The musical takes place largely in one underground bar/restaurant, and one part, in particular, points out how Casey likes beer and Aaron likes a fruity cocktail.

As the audience walked into the performance space, they saw a modern bar setting designed by Christopher Culver. I wanted the program to stay within that world and to be clean and straightforward. The program was printed on letter-sized paper front and back, which was easy to digest and approachable.

The tickets were a fun opportunity to tie in the style of my projection design. While the front side stayed cohesive with other marketing elements, the back was a pop of color and a peek into the whimsy to come.

The projection designs for this show were a riot. Mostly designed for the songs, the projections took on a life of their own. I hand-drew every letter and image myself, each one lined up with lyrics in the songs and were remotely controlled by me during the show to maintain perfect timing with the live band.

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