It came to us like the tide,
Forcing a clumsy gate open,
Flattening reed grass,
Making tee shirts stick to skin…
Washing away things meant to be forgotten,
But also a few small treasures.

It happened like toes coming down on
On a fresh sand castle.
All cool and grimy and purifying --
Destructive in a way that feels big
To us but everyday to the waves.

It left me like a shoreline,
Swelling and crashing
And waiting for the sea
To meet me where i am.
The sea will come back.
He rocks back and forth on his heels,
Sometimes staying for longer than you expect,
Sometimes making the beach feel like its grown a
Million miles since yesterday
This moment,
It buries itself beneath the surface of land
Turns itself right-side up and waits for a pair of curious
Hands to pinch its red-orange shape, hold it up to the
Sky and say,

There you are. Finally.

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