Dinner with Ginkgo Goods

Ginkgo Goods is Antoinette and Lisa Lavalle. They're a local Mom and daughter duo, catering company and natural goods shop in Des Moines, IA. Read a bit about them below!

"Lisa and Antoinette found themselves at a crossroads, both burnt out from long restaurant hours. Still, Chef Lisa and manager Antoinette felt creative and energized in the kitchen. Creating more intentional dishes using herbs and vegetables, composing beautiful, healthy plates. Antoinette enrolled in herbalism courses while Lisa immersed herself in her personal garden, all the while in lockdown in their homes. One day Antoinette looked out her front window and saw a huge Ginkgo tree drop all his leaves. Learning about its extensive history and the health benefits associated with the Ginkgo species led to Ginkgo Goods being born."