I'm passionate about telling stories,
making connections, and capturing
authentic moments.



Alyson O’Hara is an artist from Des Moines, Iowa. She has her hands in many artistic outlets. From a young age, she was scrapbooking at the kitchen table, writing in her diary, shining in ballet class and singing Shania Twain in to her Barbie karaoke machine. Since then, she’s found a way to dive deep into creative storytelling by any means necessary.

Her work is human-focused. She is particularly interested in capturing moments that are raw, emotional, and sometimes awkward. She is drawn to playful colors, natural settings, and bold typography.

In her free time she enjoys reading memoirs, sipping cocktails with friends, seeing movies alone and catching up on British comedy TV shows and true crime podcasts.

Now the part where
I toot my own horn.

Read about my one woman show

In June of 2022, I wrote and performed "Hose Water," a one woman show comprised of original poetry, joke and song. The show revolved around themes of growing up, falling in love, being heartbroken and nostalgia for childhood summers.


learn about peach fuzz

Peach Fuzz is a small production company I started in 2021. Any and all of my narrative film work is a child of the Peach Fuzz brand. I am grateful to have a close-knit group of recurring collaborators and friends whom I consider to be a part of the family of fuzz.


In 2021, my friend Antoinette asked if I'd help her finish writing her feature screenplay. Fast-forward almost a full year, the script was awarded the Greenlight Grant from Produce Iowa and the Iowa Arts Council. Check the movie's Instagram page to get updates and sneak peeks!





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"The Body Keeps the Score" Bessel van der Kolk

Abbott Elementary

Dunzo - Woman Believer

Women Talking

stand-up comedy

non-alcoholic cocktails

Here to make some good old-fashioned magic.


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