Why film?



Imagery on film has a more handmade, imperfect feel that I believe cannot be truly recreated digitally. Film tends to capture subtle details and color contrast more effectively. Mostly, I'm all about process, and film forces me to slow down, be more intentional with my shots and be present in the moment, which is a lot harder to do with unlimited gigabytes on an SD card.

How will I see my video?


No old-school projector? No problem. Your Super 8 film will be converted to a digital file. I'll send you the file to download to do with as you please. I will also post the video privately to a Vimeo page for easy sharing!

What if something happens to the film?


Shooting anything on film always entails some level of risk. Film stock can be damaged, flaws can show up in development, etc. Because you can't watch it back immediately, there's a lot of trust involved in the process. I believe this is part of the magic! However, in the very rare case that an entire reel goes to film heaven too soon I have a clause in my contract entitling you to a partial refund.

I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians.

Francis ford coppola